It is right about this time of the month of January that most people will abandon the positive changes that that they resolved to implement in the new year.   What a huge mistake! Powerful personal change comes with persistence and time.  Just as a great painter perseveres through their faulty brushstrokes throughout the creation, so to must a person who seeks to change their character or circumstances persevere through all the stages of change.  Here are some tips to add some extra resolve to your resolutions:

1. Embrace the discomfort that comes with positive change: Growing pains are real and often unavoidable. Seedlings must first break out of their hard shells even before they break the soft ground. Teething for an infant is preceded by gum pain and sometimes fevers.

2.  Accountability: The easiest promises to break are the ones that no one knows about.  Talk to someone, write it down, set calendar reminders, create deadlines and/or consequences if necessary.  Take the commitment out of your fuzzy mind space and into your conscious physical space.

3. Tangibility:  Get your senses involved. Display commitments in a place where they are seen regularly.  Talk about commitments to yourself, or others, so that you can hear the commitments regularly.  Identify scents and other objects that you can easily associate your commitments and desired change with, and then strategically place them in your environment.

Have a Happy and Prosperous 2017!