A personal letter to my next client,

I am in the legacy protection business. My mission statement:

My clients’ lives are more than monthly paychecks or daily to-do lists; their lives have purpose, meaning, and value. I strive to preserve and protect those precious assets at an affordable cost.

In 2009, my father passed away at a very young age after a very short battle with liver cancer. Although my family still mourns our loss, his passing had a profound effect on my life and practice that influences how I approach estate and business planning. While my father’s estate plan was sufficient, I also know that there were many opportunities missed.

For as many years as I can remember, my dad regularly donated his time and money to the local university athletics program. He was an active booster, and arranged for different sponsorships with his business clientele. To honor his memory, our family decided to raise money for a one-time scholarship for a student athlete. I wished that more could have been done with the university to memorialize his contributions to the program.

I know that my father would have been happy with our decision, but I also know that his insight in financial planning, together with my current knowledge of the law, would have led to a better plan, blessed more lives, and better preserved my father’s legacy.

That is how I approach representation in estate and business planning. I know that you need to feel confident that your legacy will be protected.

I know that everyone needs a local, personable professional to counsel with and confide. That is why I am in business. That is who I am, and who I intend to be for you.

Very Truly Yours,

Matthew K Palfreyman, Esq.