There is no question in my mind that gratitude is a key to building prosperity.  Even the most successful, self-made, individuals owe at least part of their success to good grace of another human being.  Someone somewhere purchased a product or service or extended a handshake and invitation for employment.  Sometimes the gift is trust, and it occurs at the moment of the exchange.

Why is gratitude a key to prosperity?  Recognizing that all that we obtain is the result of the extension of good will and grace usually motivates the receiver to balance the scales later.   It is called the givers economy, and it creates the best of all business environments.   I cannot prove that this phenomenon exists in the market place.  It is more of a religious attitude, than an exact science.  The nice thing is that the principle of giving spans across religions, upbringing, and cultural backgrounds.   Because it is an attitude and not a law of nature, it needs to be cultivated and preserved.  Gratitude leads to more giving, and givers tend to prosper because their recipients recognize and seek to repay gifts.

The law is a very cold because it deals with the enforcement of rights and entitlements; but givers need the law as well.   The law imposes duties of care or a duty of loyalty for good reason.  Those duties form the foundation of every contract; including the grand contract we all have with one another to maintain an orderly society.   Gratitude and trust is the balm.  Gratitude will take you out of the cold, zero-sum bargaining of deals, and into the warm market of negotiation.   It can also be lost quickly if neglected.  My best advice: build a culture of gratitude into your homes and business, and let the world reciprocate that gift.