Clarity is a tremendous asset to prosperity.   Is it possible to prosper without clarity? Yes, it is called luck, sometimes dumb-luck, great timing, or even prevailing through persistency.    However, clarity is a tremendous asset.  I have served on several committees, boards, and councils, and nothing has been as powerful as when the group’s interests and vision align around a common purpose and set of tasks.   It has been amazing to see what gets accomplished after clarity enters the dynamic.

I see a tremendous benefit from clarity in the estates that I plan as well.  When a couple comes together around preferences over what must and should be done for their children, young or old, it is a powerful moment.   Do some husbands and wives need to be persuaded on certain topics? Yes.  Sometimes it is a struggle just to get the person to show up for the meeting; but, I have seen it time and time again the awesome feeling of clarity in my practice.  After the team gets a chance to talk about their concerns and get questions answered, we come up with unified, sensible solutions, for their family’s plan.   The level of clarity in such moments is amazing.

Here is one example from the law: Almost no parents in my office firmly believe that a teenager is responsible enough to handle the power that comes from inheriting a significant amount of money; however, without trust planning restricting their teenage child’s inheritance rights (for their own benefit), the law provides every teenager with such power despite their inexperience and vulnerability.    When that concept fully sinks in, I see parents unite quickly and clarity comes.

There is only one danger from the emotional high that clarity brings.  It feels great, and so it is easy to neglect the positive actions and processes that produced the clarity.   That’s when distractions creep in to distort, and then diminish the gains.   That is why I recommend that everyone take time daily to reaffirm their purpose, and it is also why I recommend that my clients keep me apprised of big developments for the family and check in at least every 3-5 years.